School Finder

Our new School Finder database and mapping is in beta, and you can see a map showing every elementary, middle and high school in Ontario – all 6,000 of them! Find a school near you and tell us about mindfulness programs and initiatives in that school, all visible and searchable by the public.

You can see which schools have which mindfulness programs and which schools have people who are working to bring mindfulness there, including teachers, teaching assistants, administrators, guidance counsellors, social workers, mental health workers, parents and others. We call these people Champions.

Right now we don’t have much data, as we’ve just launched the School Finder. We want to map all the mindfulness activity in Ontario schools (and other provinces in the future). Maybe school-wide, maybe one teacher. Maybe a formal curriculum, informal mindfulness training or a drop-in program. Maybe just a person or two who wants to bring mindfulness to that school.

As our mapping grows, you’ll be able to:

  • Connect people in the same school
  • Connect with parents and others in local community
  • Find others with experience
  • Find other schools to cite as examples
  • Find others to be trained with (a larger group = lower cost per person)
  • Gather data to give to decision makers
  • See which programs are in use elsewhere in the province
  • Connect people across the province
  • Find others to practice mindfulness with

We ask you to help us map what’s currently going on. If you have information about mindfulness being taught at a school in Ontario, please use the School Finder. It doesn’t have to be a formal mindfulness curriculum. It could be an extracurricular mindfulness class or club, for teachers, students or both. Or maybe you’re a teacher who practices mindfulness and brings it into the classroom to help students learn better. Whatever mindfulness is going on in schools across Ontario, we want to know!

If you have information about a school, the best thing you can do is find the school you have information about on our School Finder, and click it’s name to go to its Details page. If it has a Champion, you can email the information to them by clicking on their name and then clicking the “Email This Person” button at the bottom of their profile page.

If the school doesn’t yet have a Champion, we encourage you to become the Champion for that school. You can find out more about this on our Champions page. In any case, you can provide your information directly to our system by clicking the Edit Information button at the bottom of  that school’s Details page. Or you can always just contact us to email us the information.

Click here to see the K-12 School Finder.

If you’re interested in being the Champion for your school, click here.