Programs: Post-Secondary

The following are just a few programs for post-secondary students that are local to Ontario. To find out about programs not listed here, check out our Links page, which includes a link to the Mindfulness and Contemplative Education website. If you know of other post-secondary programs, please contact us.

Applied Mindfulness Meditation at U of T

Program Name: Applied Mindfulness Meditation

Description:  This certificate program is offered at the University of Toronto’s Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work. There are dozens of courses offered, mostly 1 or 2 day courses offered. There are 5 streams, including a Mindfulness in Education Stream. As noted on their website:

“Whether you are interested in delving into a historical perspective of mindfulness meditation, learning psychotherapeutic strategies, enabling learning through contemplative education, enhancing your mentorship and/or teaching abilities, enhancing focus through contemplative arts, encouraging mind and body health, developing healthier work environments and communities, becoming a mindful leader, studying the neuro-ethics of mindfulness, or studying Transformative Mindfulness Meditation or Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, this certificate program will foster the development of your practice, knowledge, skills, and sensitivities.”

The AMM program includes training in Mindfulness Without Borders program for high-schools – see Programs for Educators for training details and Programs: High School for MWB curriculum details.


Healthy Student Initiative at York University

Program Name:  Healthy Student Initiative

This program offers online meditation to the public. This is an ongoing research program and those participating in the study (which is optional) are compensated.

Program Name:  Mindfulness and Contemplative Education

This is an Interactive Site for Teachers, Scholars, Researchers, and Students. This York University hosted site facilitates contact, information sharing, collaboration on projects, mentoring students and a range of other activities. You can register and post your information as well as search the site for colleagues and material that interests you. It is used mainly by post-secondary educators, researchers and students.