Programs: High School

The following are some of the most established programs for high-school students, as well as those that are local to Ontario. To find out about K-8 programs, see our K-8 Programs page. For programs for educators, see our Training for Educators page. For post-secondary programs, see our Post-Secondary Programs page. For programs not listed on the DM website, check out the Garrison Institute Contemplative Education Program Database.

If you know of other high school programs currently being offered in Ontario, please contact us.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction for Teens: Interventions and Strategies for Clinical Practice

When:  May 15 – 16, 2017 | 9 am – 4:40 pm
Where:  Multi-Faith Centre/Koffler House, 569 Spadina Avenue, Toronto
Cost: $430 + HST (before 6 April), $450 + HST (after 6 April)

Teenage stress is a growing problem.  The Canadian Mental Health Association estimates that up to 20 percent of Canadian youth are affected by mental illness, and that 3.2 million teens are at risk of developing depression.  Canada’s youth suicide rate is the third highest in the industrial world. Gina Biegel has created the mindfulness-based stress reduction for teens program (MBSR-T) to provide a youth-focused approach.

According to Daniel J. Siegel, MD, “Gina Biegel has put together an intensive training for professionals interested in helping stressed adolescents find relief and clarity based on her direct experience supporting teens during this challenging time of life.”  By learning how to help adolescents now, you will prepare them for the future they will create, not only for themselves but for all of us.

Facilitator:  Gina Biegel MA, LMFT
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iBMe Mindfulness Training for Teens: six day residential retreat

When: July 18 – 23, 2017
Where: Lakefield, Ontario
Cost: Varies depending on income, 1 % of income up to $950, scholarships available.

Learn mindfulness through sitting and walking meditation, movement, small group discussion and fun workshops. Youth from all backgrounds and school settings will join together to develop valuable skills that can support emotional resilience, inner strength and compassion towards self and others. Practice the skills to become a better leader, team member and learner. Study with experienced teachers, mentors and peers in a supportive environment.

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Mindfulness Without Borders

Program name:  Mindfulness Ambassador Council

Description:  The Mindfulness Ambassador Council is a 12-week, research-based intervention that addresses mindfulness-based social and emotional strategies adolescents need to support their healthy development and unique potential. Grade 9 – 12 students explore key social-emotional competencies and secular mindfulness practices as they relate to self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, attention training, and stress management.

Research:  Click here for the powerpoint that reviews recent research on the Mindfulness Ambassador Council

Current Usage:  In 60 sites in the Toronto Catholic School Board, Toronto School District Board, and YMCA Academy.

Training:  Mindfulness Without Borders’ certification training is available through the AMM-Mind program at the University of Toronto’s Factor-Inwentash School of Social Work.

Online Training: A series of online courses are offered to educators, healthcare professionals, and individuals who have an interest in the knowledge, practice and teaching of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, mental health and wellbeing.



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Mindfulness Everyday

Program name:  The Mindful Edge – Stress Reduction and Life Strategies for Teens

Description:  The Mindful Edge® is a specially-developed program to provide Stress Reduction and Life Strategies for Teens. It is based on the principles of the MBSR Workshop program created by Jon Kabat-Zinn. Students actively participate in the process of unfolding a practical understanding of mindfulness and how it can benefit them in their lives through specific mindfulness-based practices, discussions, and engaging activities.

Current Usage:  Several Toronto District School Board high schools, including in Scarborough

Training:  contact


The Mindfulness in Schools Project (.b)

Program Name:  .b for Teens

Description:  .b [dot-be] stands for “Stop, Breathe and Be!” This simple act of mindfulness provides the kernel of the nine session, 8 – 9 week .b mindfulness course for schools. Carefully crafted to engage everyone, even the most cynical of student audiences, .b uses a pedagogy that brings mindfulness to life without losing the precision, expertise and integrity of classic mindfulness teaching. Each lesson teaches a distinct mindfulness skill, and is designed to do so in a way which engages young minds. The lessons typically include a brief presentation by the teacher with the help of lively, pupil-friendly visuals, film and sound images, and practical exercises and demonstrations to make the ideas vivid and relevant to their lives. Putting mindfulness in a relevant context motivates pupils to become still and allows the teacher to lead them in some short practices – for example learning to sit still and watch the breath, be aware of different parts of the body, walk mindfully or become more aware of how the body feels under stress. It will typically end with an invitation to do some brief practices at home during the week. The whole course is supported by a student handbook, teacher’s manual, and detailed lesson plans.

Age Range:  “.b for Teens” for ages 11 – 18. “Paws .b” for ages 7 – 11

Current Usage:  The program was developed in the UK and is taught in over 20 countries. It is new to Ontario.

Training:   The Teach .b Certification Course is a 4-day course, and the paws .b Certification Course is a 3-day course. Pre-requisites for both include having taken a validated 8-week secular mindfulness course and at least 6 months of daily practice. See our Training page for upcoming courses in or near Ontario.


Garrison Institute listing:  click here

Mindful Schools

Mindful Schools includes a K-5 and 6-12 program. See listing in Programs: K-8


Inner Kids includes programs for 5 age ranges: Pre K, K-2, 3-6, 6-8, and 9-12. See listing in Programs: K-8

Center for Mindful Learning – Modern Mindfulness

Modern Mindfulness includes a K-5 and 6-12 program. See listing in Programs: K-8


The Centre for Mindfulness Studies –
Mindfulness for Teens

Program name:  Mindfulness for Teens – Half Day

Description: For 14-17 year olds who want to learn tools they can use to deal with the stresses of daily life, this workshop offers:

  • on-the-spot-tools teens can use to deal with daily pressures
  • key skills to self-manage mood swings and
  • practical methods they can use to avoid over-reacting

Teens will learn evidence-based techniques for:

  • coping with school pressures
  • reducing the anxiety that comes with trying to fit in
  • improving sleep
  • making it easier to socialize and enjoy life

Note: This program is not intended to be taught in schools, but rather is one of the many programs taught at The Centre for Mindfulness Studies, 180 Sudbury Street, Toronto.


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