Case Studies


MindUP is a mindfulness in education program for grades K-8, developed in B.C. and now in use by over 3,500 public school teachers. Over 1,500 teachers were trained in the 2012-13 school year.

Its use has grown by word of mouth, with teachers saying they can very quickly see the positive impact on their students.

Rigorous, leading-edge research by UBC found a 24% gain in positive social behaviors, a gain of 15% in math achievement, a gain of 20% in social-emotional competencies and skills, and a reduction of 24% in aggressive behaviors, after just 15 lessons.

In B.C., the program has cost only $7.00 per child, including the costs of the curriculum materials and teacher training

Discover Mindfulness is currently preparing a case study that will flesh out how MindUP grew so quickly, what its impact has been, and what we can learn from this. It will help convince decision makers that mindfulness programs can be implemented effectively, at low cost, and deliver the promised benefits.

For more information on MindUP, please see Programs: K-8.